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Our support system has a major incident occurs, all submitted tickets on support systems are lost, we are very sorry about this, but customers also do not worry about the problem of information of wp admin account and FTP account is still safe.

There are some major changes coming to Ticksy that requires a reconnect like this (announcement coming soon), but it shouldn't happen again! Our apologies for the inconvenience to you and your customers this week.

Hello Everyone,

We run support Weekdays 9am-5pm GMT+7. You can expect a response within 12 – 24 hours Monday to Friday. We’ll respond to questions outside of these times & weekends occasionally, but please don’t expect a response outside our stated hours.
What's included in item support
- Answering questions about how to use the item
- Answering technical questions about the item
- Help with defects in the item or included third party assets
- Item updates to ensure ongoing compatibility and to resolve security vulnerabilities
What's NOT included in item support
- Item customization
- Installation of the item
- Support issues about your web hosting, server environment, or software

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Support Policy

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Sandru The template doesn't work   Updated 4 hours ago   3   Ananke - One Page Parallax WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Sandru: Hello, Here is the website, username and password: http://www.sunny24design.com/wp-admin/ usernama: test pass: 233417 I've tried again to install your template but the same problem, the screen ... Ujjwal Activate Revolution Slider   Updated 7 hours ago   2   Mentor – Personal Development Coach WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Support Team: Hi, you can read more this problem at here https://oceanthemes.ticksy.com/article/6350/ thank you! Ujith Nimantha Lighter header   Updated 8 hours ago   3   Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Ujith Nimantha: Hi, I managed to fix it on home page by changing the template to "Canvas", But other pages are not changing. Header is dark in all the other pages. Links are ... Howard A few issues   Updated 12 hours ago   1   Learn - Education, eLearning WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Howard: A few issues I need some assistance with (they may be connected?) 1) On following instructions on installing I got a message to say the theme does not declare sensei support. However, I ... Dev Change color of pre loader   Updated 1 day ago   1   Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Dev: Hi, I would like to change the background color of loading screen(black) and  the color of number(percentage)(yellow) Please let me know the class or id names to use. Thanks Jose Gallo Admin show blank page   Updated 1 day ago   1   Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Jose Gallo: Hi My WP admin show blank page when i login I was checking the issue with a Support guy with ticket  #869663 but the post dissapear. Please can I get the support i'm suppose to have by buy ... ugur remove date and tags   Updated 1 day ago   2   GoCargo - Freight, Logistics & Transportation WordPress Theme Most recent comment from ugur: i forget screenshot!! Yahya Top Bar Menu   Updated 1 day ago   1   Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Yahya: Hi. How do I remove the top bar menu? Thanks. Yahya Slider not working   Updated 1 day ago   1   Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Yahya: Hi. Thanks for your help previously. Slider is not working. It gives me this error. Slider Revolution error: could not unzip revslider/public/assets/svg/svg.zip into ... James WHMCS Bridgre not working with v6   Updated 2 days ago   1   Cloudme Host - WordPress Hosting Theme + WHMCS Most recent comment from James: Hi, I created a ticket Thursday, got a reply and it has since disappeared so let me try again.... Our site is hosted on a private server currently whilst we build it out - the WHMCS bridge ... Du Theme Options Error   Updated 2 days ago   1   CloudHost - Responsive Hosting WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Du: Hello Myy Theme Options  do not show all function aldhi footer whmcs   Updated 2 days ago   1   Cloudme Host - WordPress Hosting Theme + WHMCS Most recent comment from aldhi: help me to get footer like as demo Damian Portfolio problem   Updated 2 days ago   1   Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Damian: Now elements in category SZAFY I GARDEROBY does not apear :/ login: admin  Pass: darnails2016 Julian shop layout   Updated 2 days ago   1   Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Julian: I don't understand how to change my shop layout. There is a wide grey box on top and I want to remove it as I don't want any picture there. It should be thinner so the products are visible ... Philip portfolio issues   Updated 2 days ago   2   Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme Most recent comment from Tyler: Philip I am having a similar issue.  My portfolio posts don't seem to show up where I think they should be showing.  Please share if you get it fixed.