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Top image on a blog page


  • bsokolow started the conversation


    On the blog page/post there is a top image which is parallaxed. Standard image is (images/parallax/blog.jpg)

    I changed this image here:
    Ananke Options -> Blog Settings -> Blog Background Top Page -> here choosing my custom image

    If i got i well - this CUSTOM top image should appear on the main blog page and on every blog post page.
    It appears on the main blog page but NOT on a blog posts pages (on blog posts pages appears a standard image).

    Main blog page:
    <div class="parallax-blog" style="background-image: url(url-of-custom-image); background-position: 50%-60px;"></div>

    Blog post page:

    <div class="parallax-blog" style="background-position: 50% 0px;"></div>

    Is it a bug or how to make to appear my custom image on every blog post page?

    If you need the admin access then i send you.

    Thank you!

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    Ocean replied


    We updated this problem. Please update theme now.

    How to update the theme?

  • bsokolow replied


    thank you for reply.

    I just updated the Ananke theme to 3.6.0. I changed/updated the problematic top background image, reload the browser etc and it looks the problem is NOT solved.

    Please take a look once more or give me advice how can i solve the problem on my own.

    Thank you!

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    Ocean replied


    Now you can change image in each posts.

    But if you not wanna take many time, you can replace this file to folder "wp-content/themes/ananke"

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