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    At the first time, I install template with the sub domain: mobile.cedzo.edu.vn to test and upload data while keep running old web at cedzo.edu.vn.

    Now I finish edit the new website and want to run with it. I use the source code and database for the domain cedzo.edu.vn but the function is block. How can I tell the system that I don’t use mobile.cedzo.edu.vn anymore and want to use the template for the domain cedzo.edu.vn.

    Please help.

    Best regards,

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    Ocean replied


    I don't understand. What function is block?

    I saw your website is working fine now.

  • christqh replied

    I can't see anything to change like this. 

    Do I need to absolutely delete the test website?

    Please help

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    Ocean replied

    Please send us admin account to check (set private reply).

  •   christqh replied privately
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    Ocean replied


    When i deactive TinyMCE Advanced plugin, everything is working fine. 

    Maybe this theme isn't compatible with it. So you shouldn't use.