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How to vertically center the header


  • jc89 started the conversation

    Hi there! 

    Great job, the theme is awesome! 

    Sorry for my english... Just a question: I'd like to start my project as in your "Home Menu Bottom" dark demo, but with the header vertically centered instead of displayen at the total bottom of the page. 

    Is that possibile? Please can you help me to do this?
    If I try to change the top position of the "header-bottom" class it works just at the beginning but when I scroll the page it goes down again.

    Thanks in advance

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    Ocean replied


    We have provide many header layout for customers, you can check here: http://www.archiwp.com/

    Our theme not support header layout without provide include in the theme.

    Sorry for the delayed support, we just recently ended a holiday of the country.
    Happy Lunar New Year.

    Thank you