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Change width of Breadcrumb


  • MDCGlobalcom started the conversation


    1. I would like to reduce the width of the Breadcrumb.

    2. I also want to remove the reference in the left to the current page name and move the breadcrumb information to the left.

    3. Is there a tutorial on how to update the Breadcrumb NavXT Settings?

    Please advise how to do this, and be ware I'm not an expert in this.



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    Ocean replied


    1. You can change padding in Page Header Settings

    2. Sorry, this is the custom problem, need to edit code in many files.

    3. http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-display-breadcrumb-navigation-links-in-wordpress/

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  • MDCGlobalcom replied

    Thank you for the response. I have managed to adjust the padding successfully. 

    Is there a way to reduce the text size on the Page Header? I have currently removed it from my website, as it looks to big with the reduced padding.

    If this is not possible, can I show the breadcrumbs somewhere else, without using the Page Header?


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    Ocean replied

    You can add cutom css code in your WP Admin -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS: http://prntscr.com/gbgkc9

    #featured-title .featured-title-heading{ font-size: 22px; }

    Sorry, it's also impossible now. But i will tried edit help you this problem.

  • MDCGlobalcom replied

    Thank you. Your code works perfectly.

    Can you confirm what code to use to change the font to the same one used in the breadcrumb?

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    Ocean replied
    #featured-title .featured-title-heading{ font-family: inherit; }
  • MDCGlobalcom replied

    Perfectly works