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OT Portfolio Showing all subcategories


  • Alex_interior started the conversation

    Hi again, dear support team,


    Could you please suggest what to do with OT Portfolio in order to set it up. What we have for Demo Content are 4 categories of projects: Residential, Hospitality, Office, and Commercial. And the on the home page the plugin show exactly those 4 categories which is good for me. But the structure of my website has some subcategories in each major category, for example, Commercial Design includes: Commercial Spaces, Night Clubs, Retail Stores etc. So if I create those subcategories in my Portfolio, the plugin (OT Portfolio) shows everything: all major categories and subcategories which is kinda not OK, as I have about 20 of them and the plugin starts adding them to the second and third rows.


    Is there any possibility to just show main categories or select the specific portfolio categories, which I’d like to use in some other pages? Or, maybe you could suggest another portfolio solution for that?


    Thanks a lot.


    Best Regards,


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    Ocean replied


    How to create sub category: http://prntscr.com/hxv5w0


    If you still not added parent category, please click edit on category you want added to parent category: 


    Thank you

  • Alex_interior replied

    Hello, thanks for your reply,


    I know how to ad subcategories the question was that OT Portfolio then show all the categories together with subcategories, so if I have 500 subcategories the OT Portfolio will show all of them which is not OK.


     Well I guess, there's now any solution for this plugin as it was developed this way.


     Thanks anyways.




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    Ocean replied


    Please using the "OT Portfolio Category" element for your website: http://prntscr.com/hycghc

    Show portfolio by specials category.

    Thank you