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Optimizing performance


  • leandrosch started the conversation

    Hi! When trying to optimize performance with the Autoptimize plugin, as you suggested, when I use the plugin to minify css, the styles break.

    Do you know how I could work around this?Thanks

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    Arttu Heikkinen replied

    Hi leandrosch,

    Don't use Autoptimize. Use W3TC or LiteSpeed Cache instead. (LiteSpeed Cache is awesome.)

    Currently I'm using LiteSpeed on my website and Google Pagespeed Insights is scoring 99/100. ;)

    This theme has a shit load of css and js but please try to remove every unnecessary elements and stuff from your site. The most important thing is to remove render-blocking elements in header. I've been struggling with optimization for this time like 200 hours now and finally find my own way to get this score and speed. But still, I love this theme!

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    Ocean replied


    Some css when using the plugin has overridden the css of the theme. so you can add css.

    you can send me some screenshot you want style, i'll try add css for you.

    you still can refer some plugin as W3TC or LiteSpeed Cache to instead for auto optimize.

    i see Arttu Heikkinen use LiteSpeed Cache in his website and work fine. you can test this plugin.

    Thanks for loving our theme.