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URL structure and page format


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    I would like to use this page format as the loans category page (while still being able to use the feature of assigning different loans to different categories, and thus, I will be able to add different )... 

    (This is the same to say, that I would like to have several loan comparators, one for each type of loan. I would like to compare all loans within a same category...)

    The URL structure for the site should look something like this:


    Example: borrow.com/personal/bank-of-america, borrow.com/car/deutshe-bank

    Could you please help me to set this?


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    Ocean replied



    Now, In domain can't change structure as you want.

    several loan comparators in category page: We need test in our demo. We'll try do that things, if we can, we'll update in future.

    Thank you.