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Tab style service page - add html


  • Percival started the conversation

    I would like to use the tab style services but iInstead of having just the list style price list, I would like to include descriptions as well. But when I try to do this it doesn't work as intended.

    Also I only want one full column that I can add my own html to, not two columns (Content 1 & Content 2) as it is currently setup.

    Please advice.


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    Ocean replied


    1. Please follow attach images to show description.

    2. You can add custom css code here: http://prntscr.com/gbgjxt

    .tab_single_content .col-md-6{ width: 100%; }

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  • Percival replied

    Thank You!

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    Ocean replied


    1. This is a problem of preloader js, we will update and use another preloader soon. Please wait.

    2. Sorry, it's the custom problem, need to remove and add more css codes. 

    Thanks for contacting.

  • Percival replied

    I thought this would be fixed with the latest update, but still having the same issue.

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    Ocean replied


    Because can't fix preload js, so we added more an option in Theme Options.

    You can choose Logo Style preloader then go to Logo Style under Preload Settings to upload logo image.

    See attach image.

    Sorry for that but i think new preload is better for your website.

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  • Percival replied

    Not ideal but hopefully it wont be too slow to load pages.

    Also I got an email just now regarding bookly:

    "Please verify Bookly license in the administrative panel. If you do not verify the license within 13 days, access to your bookings will be disabled."

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  • Percival replied

    Thank You.


    - Whenever I change my services page permalink to domain.com/services it redirects to a different page "Archives: Services". As long as the permalink is set to something else apart from "services" it works properly.

    - When I set the header layout to "header layout 1" the menu disappears.

    - Static Header Text Color- is not working

    - Is there an option to remove the top banner section for some internal pages?

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    Ocean replied


    1. This is problem from WordPress, "services" is slug of Service post type, it's default. So you should use other permalink. Ex: our-services or list-services.

    2. When you use header layout 1, you need to add menu items again and tick Left, Right Menu:


    3. Please replace this file to folder "wp-content/themes/modis/framework"

    4. You can choose Canvas template: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2908191/9d20403c2dbacb06e9c0539051deb38c

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  • Percival replied

    I am using the tab style services page and I am trying to setup the services section on the homepage that is using the "OT Image Post". 

    I have to enter the link for the particular service for each OT image post but I am unable to get the direct links to the individual services as they are in tabs.


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    Ocean replied


    Sorry, it's impossible.

    You just can add link to single service page, cant add link in tabs.

    Or add all link to services page: http://www.carbonink.ca/menoramarksdev/ourservices/