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My website doesn't appear


  • edepyahu38 started the conversation

    Hello Ocean Themes. My website doesn't appear on my Samsung Smart TV. Other websites are displayed very well. And other themes... What can be the problem? I did'nt solve this problem. 

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    Ocean replied


    What brower did you use? We'll check this problem and fix it if possible.

    Thanks for contacting.

  • edepyahu38 replied

    My TV is Samsung MU9000 55" series. And It's operating system is Tizen. Thank you for your interest.

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    Ocean replied


    I'm so sorry, maybe this theme isn't compatible with your web brower now.

    It just supports IE9IE10IE11FirefoxSafariOperaChromeEdge. Hope you understand.

    But we'll try to fix this problem.

    Because this problem is only on TV, so will be difficult to fix it.

    Thanks for your feedback.