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Hera Template Portfolio Categories


  • Murat started the conversation

    Hello, my support has expired but i never used it, because i was never been able to find time tobuild my own website due to school and work. I recently decided to build it. And i really love hera split screen template.

    I wonder if there is a setting that allow me to show just specific categories of portfolio on each page. I don’t want to show them all.

    I think i can figure it out with custom css per page and display:none those categories. But it does not make sense, there must a better and easy way.

    Im looking for your urgent help. I don’t want to use another template just because of this. But it is necessary for me

    The steps i tried to solve the problem;

    I added

    #filter li a[data-filter=".illustration"] {
        display: none !important;

    to hide the illustration filter and added js below to hide those categories posts

    $(document).ready(function() {
      $( ".four.columns.portfolio-box.illustration.isotope-item" ).css("display", "none");

    $(window).load(function() {
      $( ".four.columns.portfolio-box.illustration.isotope-item" ).remove(".four.columns.portfolio-box.illustration.isotope-item");

    but the problem in here is;

    when page loads illustration posts don't seen, which is great, but their spaces are still here until i change window size. Then posts gets in order again.

    To solve this problem, i tried to change portfolios orderby and order settings.

    In x page, i order them as comment count ASC, i commented 1 comment on all posts on category1.

    In y page, i order them as date DESC, and i set all of the posts' dates. But there occured another problem, which is, when i click on a category it collapse to its items but when i click to show all, it functions like page up and it doesn't show all.

    I hope you have a better and easy, functional solution for this. This is the first time i don't see a category setting in a portfolio plug-in.

    May if i install Archi theme too (it has a portfolio category plug-in as i see), can i use that plug-in with Hera too?

    I hope i could be able to explain the issue well.
    I'm looking forward for your urgent help.
    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards,

    Görkem Murat GÜRGEN

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    Ocean replied


    Are you using the latest theme?

    Thank you

  • Murat replied

    Yes i just downloaded the HERA Template in a week again to be latest

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    Ocean replied


    Please update your Hera Theme version 2.5.6 for your website.

    In theme latest, I have added new feature in "OT Portfolio" element.


    12/09/2017 – Version 2.5.6

    - New Added: "OT Portfolio" with options: show/hide filter, selelect columns (2,3,4), 
    show portfolio by category. 
    - Files update: functions.php, shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php, style.css

    Thank you