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Slider Revolution: background customisation for text and main button


  • Ovi started the conversation


    Two questions regarding customizations of Slider Revolution text and buttons:

    1) How do I edit the CSS for the Slider Revolution button "Our Portfolio"?

    • class="btn-slider"

    I am using the light theme and on bright photos, the text on this button it can't be read at all. On some slides, the button can't even be seen because its all white, including its margin.

    For idle I would like to add to the button:

    • a white/grey background with custom transparency;
    • orange text;
    • orange margin.

    For Hover I would like:

    • an orange background;
    • white text;
    • white margin.

    2) How do I add a background to the text (layers) on Slider Revolution?

    Since I have 10 slides and some are darker, while some are brighter, I need the option to customize the text background color and transparency to increase the readability on all slides. Otherwise the text can only be partially read across all slides.


    Attached files:  slider_text.PNG

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    Guys your getting hacked, take caree and solve the issue replied


    All config for Revolution Slider, please read more document:

    1) How do I edit the CSS for the Slider Revolution button "Our Portfolio"?

    => Add new "Add Layer" -> "Button" -> Easy custom button:

    2, Edit background image for each slider:

    Thank you