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  Public Ticket #1270136
change services name


  • gregocallaghan started the conversation


    I am creating "services" and using them on my website.

    However, I would like "services" to be renamed as "destinations", for the purposes of my website.

    I have already changed the name of the services page into "destinations", but then when I click on an individual service, the link of that service is still showing up with "services" in its URL.

    For example:

    I would like to be 

    How do I make this change?


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    Ocean replied


    1, Re-install your OT Service plugin by new plugin attach this ticket:

    1a, Delete your old plugin OT Service

    1b, Re-install with new plugin.

    2, Change from "services" to be renamed as "destinations" in Settings -> Permalinks:

    Thank you

    Attached files:

  • gregocallaghan replied

    Thank you. If I re-install the plugin, will I lose all the information that I currently have in my "services"? Will I have to recreate them or they will remain?


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    Ocean replied


    Reinstalling the service plugin will not lose your old data, do not worry.

    Thank you