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    I would like to show certain events on certain pages, not all of them or only the first upcoming, but certain events based on their ID or category. For example: Events with ID 2 and 5 are open classes, thus they are in the category 'open classes', so on the page Open classes I would like to show only these two events. Events with ID 1, 3 and 6 are workshops and are in the category 'workshops', So on the page Workshops I would like to show only these three events. And so on...  

    Now I only see the option OT Latest Events. I have given all the events an ID and a category, but I can't seem to find how I can only show events based on their IDs or categories. Am I missing something?

    Could you point me in the right direction please?

    PS- I have another question: if I show 3 upcoming events on the home page, they are nicely lined up next to each other in a row. If I show all upcoming events (7 in total), it shows 3 events on the first line, only 1 event on the second line (aligned to the right) and another 3 upcoming events on the third line. So it basically skips two spots leaving a gap which looks very weird... Any idea what could be causing this?


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    Ocean replied


    1. Sorry. OT Latest Events can't select id or category.

    2. OT Latest Events display 3 column: you can send me link login, user name and passwork for check.

    set private reply.

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  •   Raven_Inc replied privately
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    Ocean replied

    Fixed, please check.

  • Raven_Inc replied

    Yes, thank a lot for fixing it!

    For future references, what was the problem?

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  • Raven_Inc replied

    Ok, awesome. Thanks a lot!