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  • Al started the conversation

    Hi support,

    on my Archi implementation I need to put a sidebar in the Blog page with a RSS widget which replicates all post of my FB page. The RSS is functioning but it doesn't appear in none of the sidebar of the site. I tried to put the RSS widget in the footer 1 widget area and in the Primary widget area but with no outcome. Please look at www.lartes.it/TEST/Blog

    Which are the page templates with a sidebar area? It seeems none of them.

    thanks for helping.


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    Ocean replied

    I see your facebook widget work fine: http://prntscr.com/iqewan

    You still have issues?

  • Al replied

    Now yes, waiting for your reply It was hard but I found the solution by myself.

    By the way May I have a resume about which are the page layouts (templates) available in our Archi Theme? We have Canvas, Shop, Default and many others templates, but what difference they are?

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    Ocean replied


    I will explain the role of some templates for you to understand:

    1, Canvas: Full Width and no sub-header, used for home page: http://demo.archiwp.com/

    2, Full Width: Full Width and has sub-header, used for About page, Contact page: http://demo.archiwp.com/contact/ , http://demo.archiwp.com/about/

    3, Default Template: Page with sidebar on the right side and has sub-header

    4, Template Shop: Used for shop page: cart page, checkout page, etc...

    5, One Page: Used for Onepage and using the menu onepage private: http://prntscr.com/iqzbqq

    6, Landing Page: Used for landing page and using the menu landing page private: http://prntscr.com/iqzc87

    7, Blog: 

    8, Coming Soon Page: 

    9, Coming Soon Video: 

    Thank you