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Wordpress Formatting


  • Kilian Strickland started the conversation

    Hello Support-Team and Community,

    I don't have much experience in Wordpress as I had my last project two years ago, so I have few questions and problems with the theme.

    1. When I zoom into the site alot the text is overlapping. How do I prevent this? 

    2. When I paste in alot of text, I need to manually do the paragraphs otherwise the whole text will overlap, is there a way to automatically do this? 

    3. On the mobile site, pictures are stretched. How do I prevent this?

    4. I want to duplicate the top right "Quote" Button, which is named "Gie├čen" on my site, two times on the left side of the already existing one. I know which code I need to copy, but I can't find the file on the FTP server, which I actually need to edit, Which one is it or how is it possible to do this?

    5. On my startpage I used the "OT icon box" Element. Is there a way to make these a clickable button, because I don't have the option when I create them.

    I hope you are able to help me.

    Best Regards


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    Support replied


    1 +2 +3. you can send me screenshot about your problem. can find in file theme/simpler/header.php

    5.You add can url for box. follow: 

  • Kilian Strickland replied


    I solved 4. and 5. thank you.

    Here are the screenshots.

    problem_1.png is related to my first point.

    problem_2_screen_1.png and problem_2_screen_2.png is related to my second point.

    problem_3.png is related to my thrid point.

    The complete theme is unresponsive here.



    Attached files:  problem_1.png

  • Kilian Strickland replied

    Hi again,
    I just realized that I still have a problem with point 5. The clickable link is just on a little plus sign. I want it over the whole button, not just the buttom right corner.



    Attached files:  problem_5.png